Dominique Martin
Herold Simon, M.D.

The demand for health services throughout Haiti is too immense to be limited to episodic health care delivery.  To that end, AMS has been exploring the incorporation of Mobile Health Clinics; firstly as part of  its efforts to provide access to primary healthcare to underserved populations with significant health needs, in both rural and urban areas, and secondly to be able to respond swiftly  in times of natural disasters.  AMS has written a proposal on Mobile Health Clinics which was submitted to the Ministry of Health and the National Health Committee, both in Haiti.  It has also been presented to USAID and health projects grantors in Florida and Washington D.C.  AMS is relentlessly looking for prospective grantors and funding agencies to support this project. 
The AMS-Trained Haitian-American health care professionals and volunteers of diverse nations have been actively participating in medical relief mission to Haiti. Marshalling our own internal resources, we have deployed a “small army” of medical professionals. These professionals took time off from work and paid their own fares.  Between January 2010 and now, we have deployed nearly 125 clinicians to Haiti: Physicians, Nurse RNs, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, EMT, Rehabilitation technicians and Podiatrists.
In a nutshell, we Propose to:

  • Obtain multiple Mobile Medical Vans for travel in Haiti (we will serve Leogane, Jacmel, Port-au-Prince, Delmas and many other areas affected by the earthquake);
  • Equip the vans with necessary items for urgent and primary care;
  • Deploy bi-weekly medical teams with MDs, RNs and others;
  • Maintain a Family Practitioner on site for continuity of care
  • Address mental health needs of survivors, with special attention to children;
  • Use our extensive medical expertise to promote care to Haiti

In order to maintain the level of effort needed to make a real impact in Haiti, we need outside funding.  Our health personnel will continue to donate their time to the project. We are asking for financial support to help us develop an efficient infrastructure to: manage the deployment of medical teams, ensure consistency of service delivery, allow assessment of the benefits and monitor the quality of a care that we provide, by direct observation and scientific data analysis.
AMS has been involved in Community health Care for twenty-five years. Celebrating its Quarter of a Century existence in 2011, nothing can more meaningful and gratifying to AMS than taking this project to fruition. The elements of needs are vivid and unattractive; a wide pool of volunteers is available to continue meeting the challenge and our dedication to improve the health of Haitians remains unselfish and exemplary. 
We welcome any supporter who can assist us in making this dream a reality for Haiti. It is not at all how huge a project is, but the difference it makes in the lives of those who are in distress and without any hope for better days.
Dominique Martin
Herold Simon, M.D.