Marcel Benoit, M.D.


Dr. Marcel Benoit, born in Cayes, Haiti, immigrated in the United States in 1973.he completed his primary school at Freres de L'Impasse Lavaud and secondary school at Canado. Upon his entry in the United States, he was accepted at James Madison high school, whereby he completed high school with "" honors """. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Sciences at City College of New York. He spent three years at University of Liege and in 1987; he completed medical school at Universidad Del Tampico. He completed a fellowship (specialty) in hypertension, diabetes and kidney diseases.  He has been practicing for the past 13 years in the community. He has two successful practices one in Brooklyn and one in Queens. Dr. Marcel Benoit is a founding member of Aesclepius Medical Society. In 2002, Dr. Marcel Benoit along with four other colleagues have formed an organization named Doc's Tee Time. He has held the position of President of Docs' Tee Time for five years (2002 - 2007). Dr. Marcel Benoit observed that there was a paucity of social interactions between physicians in the Diaspora. He wanted to bridge the gap and encouraged physicians to network and know one another. At the same time, Dr. Benoit and colleagues envisioned broader goals and objectives for Docs' Tee Time. For example provide scholarship to young Haitians, medical care to impoverished areas in Haiti and provide economic relief to Haiti when faced with natural disasters.

In 2004, Dr. Benoit was touched with the plight of inhabitants of Gonaives. The hurricane has completely destroyed the hospital of Gonaives "" La Providence."" he has been at forefront to restore the hospital and he has galvanized the idea to the community through radio and television. The community has been receptive and donated more than $ 18,000 for the past two years. Dr. Marcel Benoit has conveyed to the community on many occasions that there is a health crisis in Haiti and the survival of native Haitians depends on accessible health care.  He has attempted to give back to Haiti and encouraged many of his peers to do the same. Dr Benoit has been educating the community through radio and television for more than 10 years. His expertise in hypertension has attracted many pharmaceutical companies to use him as a speaker.  He has received distinguished honors for his speaking engagements. He has been appointed to serve on the Physicians' Advisory Board (PAB) in recognition of valuable contributions and dedication to the Republican Party. Dr Benoit has served the state of New York and played a crucial role in the party's efforts to involve top physicians in the process of government reform. The physicians' advisory board is part of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and is dedicated to making sure that physicians have a voice in Washington. Dr. Benoit who has long supported republican ideals, particularly healthcare reform, is a key member of the board.

 Dr. Marcel Benoit stated “my aim in life is to bring a sound contribution to humanity and I will use the tools that I have to bring my contributions. I want to demythologize the community about health and remove the rogue ideas that have hindered the patients to seek medical care. My greatest aspiration is my beloved “mother “whom I have terribly missed because she is no longer with me. I thank her everyday for giving me the fortitude, charisma and wisdom. She never stopped working because she wanted to ensure my future. I am what I am today because of my mother "" Lucida Laguerre Benoit "" I will sacrifice my life and ensure the future and happiness of my two children, Janeeka and Jomar benoit, just like my beloved mother. The love and appreciation that I have found from my wife, children, and patients are the driving force that will enable me to complete my tasks. Dr. Marcel Benoit opens his heart to the community. His warmth has attracted many people toward him and he is "" the friend "" of all and he treasured all his friends. He believes in excellence and has conducted his professional life as such.